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The Benefits You Can Expect if Your Workers’ Compensation is Approved

Expect if Your Workers' Compensation is ApprovedIf you have been injured on the job, or have contracted an occupational disease because of exposure to work-related conditions or substances, the New Jersey workers’ compensation laws allow you to recover benefits to cover the costs of medical treatment, as well as payments to compensate you for your disability.

Medical Benefits under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Laws

According to the New Jersey workers’ compensation guidelines, you are entitled to receive reimbursement or payment of all “proper, necessary and reasonable” medical care necessitated by your work-related injury or illness. This includes payment of all doctor’s appointments, any trips to urgent care or the hospital, all physical therapy or rehab prescribed by an approved doctor, and the cost of equipment, prescriptions or surgery, if necessary.

Under New Jersey law, your employer (and the workers’ compensation insurance company) have the right to choose your treating physician. If you want to go to another doctor (your own physician, for instance), you must either obtain permission or risk having to pay those bills yourself.

Disability Payments under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statute

The disability payments you receive after an occupational injury or illness in New Jersey will be categorized as either temporary or permanent, and either partial or total. You can only receive temporary disability benefits if your injury prevents you from working. During your recovery period, you will be entitled to 70% of your average weekly wage before the accident. Temporary benefits will cease when you either return to work or have been deemed by your treating physician to have reached “maximum medical improvement (MMI).”

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