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What Can You Expect to Receive in a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Temporary Disability Benefits

What Can You Expect to Receive in a New Jersey Workers' Compensation ClaimUnder New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to receive temporary disability benefits if you have been unable to work for more than seven days because of a job-related injury. You’ll typically receive temporary benefits until you return to work, have achieved maximum medical improvement or have received benefits for 400 weeks. To determine the amount of your weekly benefit, the workers’ compensation insurance company will first determine you gross weekly wages. The payment will be 70% of that amount, but is capped at $896 a week.

Permanent Disability Benefits

If you are unable to fully recover from your work accident, you will be entitled to either permanent total disability benefits or permanent partial disability benefits. The Workers’ Compensation Board will make a determination as to the degree of your disability. If you are determined to be permanently totally disabled, you will continue to receive payments at the temporary rate, provided your disability remains total and permanent. Under the guidelines, certain types of injuries—amputation or loss of limbs or eyes—may automatically qualify you for permanent total disability payments. You may also be entitled to lifetime benefits if you are unemployable because of your injury.

If you have a partial disability, but can still work in some capacity, you may be entitled to benefits as well. The amount of benefits is determined based on the type of injury, and is known as a scheduled or nonscheduled loss. Scheduled losses are those that appear on the list of injuries. Nonscheduled losses do not appear on the schedule and are typically based on a percentage of your former wages.

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