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Top Causes of Injuries and Accidents at Construction Sites

Top Causes of Injuries and Accidents at Construction Sites

In 2016, 4,693 workers died while on the job working for private employers, and of those deaths, 21.1 percent were construction workers. Excluding collisions on the highway, most construction deaths and injuries were related to four causes, including falls, getting struck by an object, electrocution, or getting caught between two immobile surfaces. If you were injured anywhere in the region while on the job as a construction worker, our construction accident lawyer is ready to listen to your situation and determine if you have a case against your employer.


Falls are a common hazard at construction sites. This category of construction accidents includes slip and falls. A slip-and-fall accident could result from uneven surfaces, wet surfaces, or spills of slippery materials such as oil. Falls also include falling off an elevated surface or platform, such as falling off a ladder or scaffolding. You may have fallen because of improperly constructed scaffolding. A lack of fall protection, such as harnesses and ropes to secure you to the structure, is another cause of falls at construction sites. Lack of barriers or warnings may also cause a fall. A fall could cause serious injuries, such as contusions, broken bones, and concussions, causing you to miss work for an extended period of time.

Struck By Objects

Getting struck by an object is another hazard of working in construction. At many construction sites, heavy machinery is present for lifting massive loads. Human error while moving those loads could cause you to be struck either by the machine or by the load. Improperly secured loads are another cause of this type of accident. If a worker failed to secure the load to the machinery, it may have gotten loose, causing it to hit you. Objects falling off an elevated surface are also a risk factor. For construction workers on highways, there’s a risk of getting struck by improperly secured objects falling off cars and trucks that are passing on the road. Getting struck by an object could cause you to have a serious injury such as broken bones, a concussion, or even the loss of fingers or toes.

Electrical Accidents

Construction workers who are on building sites may also be harmed by electrical accidents. Electrocution is one of the top four causes of death for construction workers who are killed on the job. It’s also one of the leading cause of injuries in construction workers. Electrical accidents could be due to poorly maintained equipment, such as generators. Improper wiring methods could also cause an electrical accident. Loose connections could allow sparks to come out of an outlet, and they could also cause overheating of wires. If live wires aren’t properly labeled, this presents a considerable hazard. Flammable objects left near live wires are another source of construction site injuries. Electrical accidents may cause first- to third-degree burns, vision damage, and other types of injuries.

Caught In or Compressed By Objects

While on the job site, construction workers face a risk of getting caught in or compressed by objects. Getting between a moving object and an immobile structure could cause a worker to get pinned. A swinging load from a crane affected by unexpected wind gusts is a risk for injury. Cranes and heavy equipment could injure a worker, too. The compression and caught-in accidents of this type are often related to human error and miscommunication. Materials handling can be another problem. Improperly digging a trench and dropping the soil where a worker is standing could lead to a caught-in accident. Some construction workers use heavy tools or machinery with moving parts. Improper maintenance or misuse of these tools could lead to an injury while on the job. The purposeful removing or disabling of barricades or guards on equipment may also cause you to get hurt. Caught-in and compression accidents may cause serious injuries, such as the loss of a limb, broken bones, concussion, and severe wounds.

When you’ve experienced an injury while working at a construction site, it’s important to seek legal counsel. If you believe that your company failed to implement proper safety procedures, didn’t provide you with proper safety equipment, or in some other way contributed to your injury, then you may have a course for legal action. Our construction accident lawyer may be able to represent your case. Call us at the Voorhees Law Office in Somerville today at (908) 200-2297.

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