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Is Your Injury Work-Related? – Part Two

Is Your Injury Work-Related? – Part Two

In an earlier blog, we explained the requirements to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey: you must have been injured and the injury must have been in the course of your employment. In that blog, we looked at whether you qualify for workers’ compensation if you were hurt during a work-related break or while traveling for your job. In this blog, we look at eligibility if you suffered injury at a company-sponsored event, or if your injury resulted from your own wrongdoing.

Injuries Suffered at a Company Outing or Event

It’s become pretty common for employers to sponsor team-building or employee appreciation events, such as golf outings or trips. What happens if you suffer an injury at a company-sponsored outing? In most instances, you’ll be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits, even if attendance was optional. There are exceptions, though. If you were engaged in some unreasonable conduct when the injury occurred, your claim may be denied. For example, suppose your employer sponsored a zip-lining event as a team-building event and you became drunk and suffered an injury. Unless your employer provided the alcohol, you probably won’t be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

Injuries Resulting from Your Own Wrongdoing

Workers’ compensation laws are generally no-fault statutes—that means that you are covered regardless of who caused the accident. Accordingly, your own negligence won’t prevent you from recovering benefits. However, if your employer can show that you intentionally injured yourself, or that you consciously disregarded company policy or safety rules, your claim may be denied.

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