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Factors That Affect Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is used as a form of insurance to replace wages and medical benefits when an employee becomes injured while working. Those who file a claim often have to provide proof of their injuries to receive a portion of their wages over the course of a specific period as they recover. If you’re eligible for workers’ compensation, it’s important to be aware of different factors that can affect your claim and how much compensation you receive.

Your Medical Treatment

Those who require significant medical treatment if their injuries are severe are often entitled to more compensation due to higher medical bills. Injuries also have a higher value if they require that procedures or surgeries be performed. If your doctor wants to prescribe medication or have you participate in physical therapy, then the settlement value may also increase. The amount of payment that is provided through workers’ compensation varies and is on a case-by-case basis.

Future Medical Problems

An additional factor that is evaluated when you file a workers’ compensation claim is if you’ll likely suffer from ongoing medical issues in the future due to your work-related injury. Your claim could be more valuable if your doctor believes that the pain or lack of mobility will continue over time and won’t be resolved quickly. Unfortunately, this can limit your ability to work and affect the wages that you’re capable of earning. You may be eligible for a higher payout if your injuries are extensive and require more time to heal.

The Attorney You Hire

It’s important to use the help and services of a legal professional when filing a workers’ compensation claim to ensure that you understand your rights. With the help of an attorney, you can understand how to navigate the process with someone who has your best interest in mind. Not only will it allow you to avoid common mistakes when filing your claim, but it could also help you receive more workers’ compensation. Look for a work injury attorney who has several years of experience. The more qualified your attorney is who represents you, the more money you could be awarded. Make it a point to meet with a lawyer in advance to review the details of your case and inquire about how much money he or she will seek for your claim.

Your Doctor’s Credibility

The medical testimony that is included in your workers’ compensation claim is one of the main factors that is evaluated when you’re seeking to receive payments. The medical professional will need to testify in your favor and provide facts that support your injury claim. It’s important to seek treatment from a doctor who has a reputable history in the medical field and is thorough. If a judge deems the individual to be trustworthy and honest, then it could allow you to obtain more compensation. Medical professionals who don’t seem to care about your treatment or remember the details of your injury will likely not testify well before the judge.

Your Willingness to Fight

Many people are surprised to learn that workers’ compensation benefits and payments are not always awarded easily or quickly. It’s important to be prepared to fight if your claim is denied or the benefits are lower than what you believe you should receive. Insurance companies are often relentless in their defense and don’t want to pay victims what they deserve. With an attorney by your side and a willingness to continue fighting, you’ll increase your chances of eventually receiving the funds that you deserve for your specific injury.

Contact the Voorhees Law Office, LLC at (908) 200-2297 at our office in Somerville to obtain more information about various factors that can affect your workers’ compensation claim. With the help of a work injury attorney, you’ll get the chance to learn more about your rights and understand what you’re entitled to with your specific case.

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